June 21, 2024

GEMA Technik puts new PV systems into operation

GEMA Technik: A Pioneer in sustainability through photovoltaic systems The company GEMA Technik from Bruckmühl sets an impressive example in terms of environmental protection and sustainability. By equipping all buildings on their factory premises with modern photovoltaic systems, the company […]

Plastic Hose Nipples for passing Air through

Plastic hose nipples with encased metallic seal seat and 3 encased threaded inserts. Medium to be passed through: Air

Connection Pieces for passing Air through

Plastic connection pieces for passing air through, equipped with 2 metallic support bushings for fixation at the engine.

Holder for passing Coolants through

Holder that is equipped with a curved tube for passing coolants through. The component also consists of 2 encased threaded inserts and 2 subsequently mounted slit support bushings as well as one O-ring.

Small Components

Part weights of < 0.5g possible

Sensor System

Used as speed sensor for utility vehicles (diesel engine).

Sensor System

Used in washing machines for identifying loads and imbalances

Magnetic Coupling

Used as magnetic coupling to separate the power flow between motor and transmission of a hammer drill for accident protection.

Magnetic Coupling

Used for driving the electric hatchback of a car

Lifting Magnets

Used to start a keyless go function for opening a car without key (comfort function).

Solenoid Valves: Used to control gas volume

Used as gas rate adjuster for internal combustion engines that have been retrofitted for the combustion of liquid gas

Solenoid Valve: For switching underpressure/overpressure

Electric solenoid valve for switching underpressure/overpressure, with integrated seal seat

Solenoid Valves: For miniature hydraulic systems

Used for miniature hydraulic systems, for driving convertible top systems, for example

Complete Gear Unit

Complete gear unit for an electromotive throttle valve actuator application.

Overmoulded Shafts

Overmoulded shafts for damper actuators

Chip carrier

Sensor carrier for mass air flow meters used in vehicles

EMV Frames

Component to ensure electromagnetic compatibility, for electric cooling pumps in vehicles


Impeller made of PPS with 40% glass fibre, equipped with a metallic hub bush, for transmitting torquein the drive unit. Application: Cooling pump for utility vehicles.

Sealing Bodies

Sealing bodies made of PEEK used as a sealing element for blow-off valves.